Cottage Interior Design Ideas, Advice, Concepts

The nice thing about a cottage interior design is how informal everything is. When you think of a cottage, you think of a warm, inviting atmosphere—a place where you can retreat. The concepts of remodeling your house to a cottage look should match this notion of charm and restfulness. Click here to visit FES If that sounds like what you’re searching for, you’re in the right place! Let us give you some advice and the tools you need in planning how to model your little getaway.

The Use of Color—Whites and Other Pale Colors Are Just Right

White is the color symbolizing purity and joy. It’s just perfect for a cottage atmosphere. You’ll want the color white to be featured throughout the home. You can put it on the walls (either painted or white décor), use white furniture, and more. Everything doesn’t have to be white, but you do want lots of it. You’ll also want other soft colors (pale blue and yellow, for instance). Combine various patterns with matching color schemes until you get the look you’re after. Bead board and paneling is another item where white comes into play. If you don’t have beadboard, get some. It brings real texture to the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen—well just about anywhere!

Everyday Items Make Nice Accessories

Everyday items that can be picked up at the local yard sale that fit the design well. You can use a tin bucket to store paperback books and magazines. Bringing in antique items (or at least things that look antique) adds something special as well. And don’t forget to bring some of the outdoors into your layout commercial fit out. You might decorate the den with some sand in a decorative bowl. You can even place some sea shells on a shelf. Be creative and have some fun with it.

As Always, Keep it Simple

As with most interior design, you’ll need to avoid cluttering up things with a lot of displays and household items. Store away what you don’t need and keep the trinkets to a minimum. You can always get them back out later when you get tired of certain pieces. It’s better to swap things out than trying to show off everything. Some nice accessories that are basic, yet tasteful include wooden utensils, copper pans, colorful bottles, and ceramic pitchers.

Learning More About Interior Design

To learn more about cottage interior design, check out the latest magazines and TV shows. They have terrific ideas on how to turn your house into a home. Another good source is the Internet. And if all else fails, perhaps you have an interior decorator in your friends and family circle! Thank you for your interest