Auto Insurance Rates for You and Your Teen

Your teen son just passed his driving test and is now a licensed driver with a new found sense of freedom and independence. Great job son! Now how do I find discount auto insurance for a teen boy? Insurance policies and coverage vary dramatically in price from company to company. It may at first glance seem a daunting task, but learning how to find discount car insurance for your teen driver is not impossible. Mirror Finish Detail –

Teen drivers lack maturity and driving experience. This makes it easy for most insurers to justify considering this rate grouping a high risk to insure. The cost of auto insurance premiums for this rate grouping are much higher than adult rate grouping costs. Even with this huge strike against a teen driver to begin with, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the cost of insuring your teen.

It is important to teach your teen the value of a clean driving record and to emphasize this lesson in real world terms to reinforce the message. This would include teaching your teen to avoid tickets, accidents, or careless behavior on the road of any kind. Over a period of time their safe driving habits will reward you with lower premiums and you should reward them for the safe behavior as well in order to reinforce your safe driving value message.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle for your teen make sure to choose a car that is built safely with lots of protective features. Make sure that you do not choose a vehicle that would be considered a sports car or something considered within a higher risk rating class. Be sure to check the class the vehicle falls into before making a purchase.

You can also dramatically reduce the auto insurance rates for teenage drivers in your home by purchasing a standalone insurance policy from a discount insurance company that specializes in providing teen auto insurance.

The risk of insuring teenage drivers is greatly reduced by these companies because of the influence they have on the lifestyle and driving habits of teenage drivers. These companies often require driving school to further educate young drivers. They also prohibit driving after dark and place various other restrictions on driving which helps them influence teens to behave more safely and thereby keep insurance premiums low for teens and their families.

Unfortunately, statistics concerning teen drivers are very bad. Statistics show that a sixteen year old is ten times more likely to have or be involved in an accident versus adults between the age of thirty years old and fifty nine years old.

Insurance companies are usually willing to provide good discounts for safe drivers no matter their age, but teens must be taught by their parents to drive safely and responsibly now and for the rest of their life.